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Ever experienced being completely absorbed in the task at hand?

Rapid thought processes, heightened creativity – essentially, your "enhanced" self? Moonlight specializes in brain optimization to activate this "enhanced-you" whenever needed. Utilizing insights from numerous scientific studies, we've developed methods to sharpen your focus in mere minutes.

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Discover How Moonlight Elevates Mental Clarity and Performance Efficiency

Moonlight's Mission: Addressing America's Focus Dilemma

Moonlight emerged from a profound concern about the escalating focus and attention challenges prevalent across the U.S. Increasingly, attention disorders are becoming more common, with about 10% of American children and 8% of adults aged 18 to 44 diagnosed with ADHD, according to federal data. Notably, the average attention span has dramatically declined by 70% since the 2000s, with a third of individuals reporting an ability to concentrate for only about 10 minutes at a stretch during work.Moonlight's aspiration is to become the go-to resource for rapidly regaining focus.

Our approach is designed to minimize distractions and shine a light on your productivity path, helping you concentrate on what truly matters in your daily life.
The foundation of our team was laid at prestigious institutions like Stanford and USC, encompassing a diverse expertise in neuroscience, strategy, and product development. For more information about our innovative solutions and mission, feel free to reach out at

Meet the team

Siran Jiang

Siran graduated from Stanford with her MBA and used to work in investment banking, private equity, and corporate strategy.
Moonlight is the tool she wish she had while working long hours and struggling to bring her best, most creative self to work.
Outside of Moonlight, Siran produces electronic music. She firmly believes that the flow state she unlocks when making music - that lightning can be bottled up to be used for our day jobs.

Kaeo Wongbusarakum
Medical Lead

Kaeo is currently pursuing his BS in neuroscience with a minor in AI applications at the University of Southern California.
Moonlight is a tool that he truly believes can revolutionize the way people work, whether it's for educational, professional, or personal endeavors.

Isabella Gianatiempo
Medical & Marketing Lead

Isabella (Issa) graduated from the University of Southern California with a dual degree in Neuroscience and Health and the Human Sciences. She Co-Founded the non-profit Team Awareness Combating Overdose (TACO), and will matriculate to medical school in Fall 2024.
Issa helps with Moonlight’s Marketing and Medical strategy, and she hopes to bring Moonlight’s science backed techniques to thousands of users who can benefit from tactics to help improve focus And productivity.

Annie Huang
Content Designer

Annie is a graphic designer that specializes in user-centric designs and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Engineering Management at USC.
Moonlight is an essential tool for her, as it maximizes her productivity when creative inspiration strikes at varying points throughout the day.

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